Ontotheth: The Founder of a New Form of Being*

I. Manual Report for Fermented Cosmic Materiality**

Urgent Neuron Transmission to Ontotheth
Reporting from the Futurological Network
Colohumanity language activation: English

Salute Ontotheth — The Founder of a New Form of Being,

snamuh lla pu nwolb evah I
tpecnoc kcuf yroeht kcuF
?eusrup ot tnaw yeht noitulover CIMSOC eht si tahW

emit eht fo ydotsuc si namuh ehT
ssensuoiracerp emas fo
ecnarongi yraropmetnoc fo
ysatnaf eht hsiruolf t’nod yehT
elbissopmi eht egagne t’nod yehT

emusnoc s’tel tnemref s’teL
srats ruo retaw nac ew oS


:noitatnemreF cimsoC fo alumroF terceS
Compounds <- C_in
np Urine as H20NH2CONH2 #4%
from all critters
np Gelatin as C102H151039N31#15%
np Neodymium as NdNdNdNd #1%
np Cobalt as CoCoCoCoCo #7%
np Antimony as SbSbSbSbSb #10.999%
np Germanium as GeGeGeGe #0.2551%
np Soil as Gaia #rotten
np Delirium as INFINITY #∞#

(Soil> sample Compounds <- C_in)

Image width: 1280
Image height: 1280
Encoding process: Progressive DCT, Huffman coding
Bits per sample: 8
Color components: 3
Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling: YCbCr4:2:0 (2:2)
Image size: 1280x1280
Megapixels: 1.6
Category: image

II. The Bureau of Technical Imagination


The futurists are hilarious; they are likely to bury their head deeply in the sand of concept or theory while trying to gag in the post-humanistic reverie. How to transfer the brain into other creatures, use super-sophisticated technology to sustain the earth, or build a mega-utopia city with the rapid technological invention.

? Why shall everything be superlative?
Why are they in a rush?

Their so-called dialectical discussion nonetheless mostly wraps up in the fixation of humans as “the I” (colohumanity) and apparatus utilisation (man with tools). They are losing sight of the principle that the episteme of humans is no longer necessary and failed to recognise their ability as the conductor of the machine and celebrate the cosmic of invention — TECHNICITY.

! Deconstruct the episteme of humans that has dictated a particular genre of man as being and begin to see the inhabiting world as matter and technicity.

Technical Oblivion
Technicity has been alienated in the futurological discussion even though terraforming or transversing presupposes technology as progressive design, but only in the apparatus and concrete utilisation (technique) since discourse convo often revolves around the geopolitical and historical underpinning (or as a telos). The playful and imaginative tendency always absent, and technicity is merely seen as a concrete method in the bureaucratic sense. Technicity, therefore, plunge into oblivion, shunning its essence and jettisoning the history of its creation.

? How to reassess technicity?

A technical object is the assemblage of the selves, of various functional units processed through the synchronisation of matter and human thinking. In an intermediate level of scheme, the machine to become reliable relies on a man to mediate the information exchange between machine and external injection, producing the data to set a new environment (system) and generating the associated milieu — the ground of technical ensemble.

! Each process and information exchange within the machine bearing the traces of the genesis of technicity
! When the future is assumed to be universal, without any historical or geopolitical burdens, what remains is the genesis of technicity; hence machines will be comprehended not in terms of mechanology but also historical and discursive technicity (machine as itself)
! Technical object is not ex-nihilo, nor is the facticity. It exists by connecting vision-thinking-matter-art
! Technicity = associated milieu = self-ensemble

Insecurity Entanglement
Bureaucratic society posits machines in one fit all domains to solve worldly problems; either socialist or capitalist, the production machine is a God of civilisation. On the other hand, historians who are pretty grumpy and pessimistic flex their insecurity muscles by echoing a sheer nonsense “automation: the doom of human nature” according to the continuum of science and human labour history.

Man bestrides in the dilemma and one-sided insecurity.

Machines and humans are custody of the time, adhering to the measurement of time and enslaving themselves in the productivity concept which impinges on the gestation of associated milieu. The machine will no longer be sensitive to the sensorium of the world as man subjugates to the circuit information exchange and unable to access the margin of technical indeterminacy; thus, the technical object that should continue to develop with the machine-man arrangement and to modulate in contingency domain is utilised for producing or supporting the work of a human. The machine is solely for humans, not for the life of the universe.

Technicity is celebrated in bitterness.

! Call man to enhance the consciousness of their concrete characteristic — material generator and oscillator of technical invention
! Technical object is a being of the matter of the universe
! Technical object must deal with the margin of indeterminacy and contingency to create/imagine the possible technical ensemble
! Indeterminacy possess openness, plurality, flexibility, and freedom of operation
! Technicity requires universality of technical construction only when the technical object is identical with the universality of science

Fuck Theory Let’s Play!
The futurist often conceives an imaginary geographical or political domain for the bigger purpose, yet forgetting to invent is to play and imagine.

! The new being exists through the integration and collaboration between concrete technicity and abstract playfulness
! To play, by dismissing the productivity disposition, gives human the freedom of creating meaning onto their existence in the material world
! To play is a deductive-inductive method in which concrete invention presuppose matter
! To play means to evolve and disperse continuously; it is a fractal mutation working in faculty of synergy functioning and deceiving the common sensory
! To play provides new energy amid a crisis and the lethargic of a discursive and methodological approach
! To play is to cultivate the technical imagination

Imagining Technical Imagination

Technical imagination encourages man to play beyond the world’s sensorium and the matter’s sensitivity, allowing all elements as the ground scheme of a technical object to be tranductively distributed and mutated to the possible ensemble, which later transforms into an ordered and stable stage. A possible ensemble requires the matter or element compatibility and the imagining set system.

! The greatest triumph of technical imagination is PRAXIS UNIVERSALITY by discovering possible assemblages that only a playful thought capable of creative imagination can accomplish.

III. Praxis Universality

(Praxis Universality, copyright: Rafika Lifi)

*this work was written during and for Post-Super-Future-Asia workshop 2020
**the first part is online text performance



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