Beyond Meta is the Purgatory Images (#criticalwriting #RL)

The Institutionalised “Cold” Screen

The discussion around the images is always burdened by a novelty that revolves around the question, “what is new about the new image?”. The novelty, according me, is how we see images no longer in the framework of the screen and that the image shall break from the medium and its ecosystem. Frankly, the duality of image-screen is reductionist. Besides, it is suffocating to look at the image on the screen, whether horizontal or vertical. Does it not similar to the artwork in a museum or gallery confined by the condensed space? These spaces collect time and our consciousness into one place. Museums and galleries are the phantom of heterotopia, the phantom of time, who drag the bodies of spectators from one work to another and impose the traces on them to give an aesthetic judgment. Then, how can the spectator synthesise sensing and judging in these incompressible spaces?

The Purgatory Images: Towards the Purity and Immortality

“If now I cast no shadow on the ground, you should not be surprised. Think of the spheres: nor one of them obstructs the others’ light.” Dante, Purgatory.



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